5 Years Of Daily Drawings

It was the first of January 2011 when I finished the day with a quick sketch, determined to do so daily for the rest of the year. Just a little experiment for the next 12 months. Now that I am nearing the 5th anniversary of daily sketches, I found it was time to stop for a moment and look back, over hundreds of drawings... A Timeline Of Learning I started without any big intentions or expectations. It was actually quite relieving to do something small, which »

The Ocean Inside Me

There is an ocean inside me. It spreads endlessly and even though it might just go from the pit of my belly to the top of my head, when looking at it from the inside it’s gigantic. Apart from my little island, I never saw any other piece of land and never was I able to reach the bottom if its depths. Every morning after I wake up, before looking out to the world, I take a quick look inside me. Just to check what »

Interpretation of Dreams

I wouldn't consider myself a strong believer of dream interpretation, but I have to admit that I like to look up possible explanations upon waking up from a dream that made some impression on me. In a recent project I got to illustrate some common dream themes, which I will share with you here. They are really interesting to consider, although I need to say that taking them too seriously might be the wrong way to go about it. I dreamt most of them only due »