Interpretation of Dreams

dreams - naked - Sonja Stangl

I wouldn't consider myself a strong believer of dream interpretation, but I have to admit that I like to look up possible explanations upon waking up from a dream that made some impression on me.

In a recent project I got to illustrate some common dream themes, which I will share with you here. They are really interesting to consider, although I need to say that taking them too seriously might be the wrong way to go about it. I dreamt most of them only due to the fact that I was drawing them during the day ;)

falling dreams - Sonja Stangl Falling Dreams

dreams - exams - Sonja Stangl

Finding yourself facing a diffcult exam, without any preparation seems to be a dream a lot of us are experiencing. Not only back in the day when we were actually taking exams, but also years later. So school left us with relating to it every time we feel unsure if we can perform good enough. I wonder if there is a correlation between how good you were at school and how often you have that dream later...

dreams - new rooms - Sonja Stangl Finding new Rooms in your house

dreams - missing transport - Sonja Stangl Missing matter how hard you try to get there, something is always in your way...

dreams - being chased - Sonja Stangl

Apparently being chased in a dream hints to some problems that one is afraid to face. I know times when I had a lot of them...although I can't recall now what connection they might have had. One time though, I managed to stop and say hello and after that the dream didn't come back...

dreams - losing teeth - Sonja Stangl Losing teeth

dreams - house - Sonja Stangl Houses in dreams

flying dreams - Sonja Stangl

I had flying dreams so often when I was younger, that I feel I miss them sometimes nowadays. Apparently children have them a lot when they are growing out certain roles and rules applied to them. And most interestingly they use a flying method in dreams, which is close to what they do a lot during the day. So a child that learns to swim when it gets flying dreams, will be swimming through he clouds...
I have always been running really quickly until I took off. The slower I ran the more I sank towards the ground again. Of course it was easier to start off at the top of a mountain and just ran out into the sky!
I'd love to hear the flying methods in your dreams too :) Do you remember?

paralysed - Sonja Stangl Being unable to move in your dreams

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