Karte . Map . Mapa (June 23-28)

..had to do some map making for a project recently and then I discovered that I do lack spanish words for geographical objects...so here is a good place to pratice ;)

Windrose . compass rose . rosa de los vientos

Seeungeheuer . sea monster . monstruo del mar

W├╝ste . desert . desierto
Kamel . camel . camello
Zelt . tent . carpa

Gebirge . mountain range . sierra

Lagerfeuer . Campfire . Hoguera

From A Word A Day 2014 - June 23 - 28

For 2014 I am illustrating a word (or sentence) every day and writing it down in German, English and Spanish. If it helps anyone else with learning languages as well - I am delighted ;)

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