5 Years Of Daily Drawings

It was the first of January 2011 when I finished the day with a quick sketch, determined to do so daily for the rest of the year. Just a little experiment for the next 12 months. Now that I am nearing the 5th anniversary of daily sketches, I found it was time to stop for a moment and look back, over hundreds of drawings... A Timeline Of Learning I started without any big intentions or expectations. It was actually quite relieving to do something small, which »

...the lost routine

And then it was gone. When you have a rhythm and a way to live your everyday life you can keep up with doing things on a daily basis. It is just a thing you do before you go to bed, or when you wake up in the morning. Days pass but some things stay the same... ...and then I lost it. Everyday suddenly seemed different than the one before and was full of so many things to learn, to think about and to cope with. »